September 23rd: Bordeaux

Sep 23 2019

September 23rd: Bordeaux

Today I will let somebody else do the talking, Corrie will share with you one of the many experiences we had travelling together, enjoy the reading!

Traveling with Sophie is a pleasure in many ways. I experienced things and met people I otherwise never would have if not for Sophie. The most important thing about those tours is that you feel happy, anything is possible, you have no worries and you’re well taken care of.


I’m not much of a traveler, especially traveling on my own gives me worries and while I’m focused on the practical things, I easily forget to enjoy what comes my way. On my travels with Sophie I was relaxed and had a great time. Because of her experience all over the world, Sophie knows the way, speaks several languages, has a plan and in the plan there is always room for spontaneous ideas.

To lift a tip of the veil: At one time we were invited for a big celebration in France with at least 300 people. Sophie is a very social person and she happened to get to know some people. ‘Accidentally’ those people were the owners of one of the most well-known vineyards in Bordeaux. At the end of the evening we were invited for the next day to visit the vineyard and a small winetasting. Even though I could still remember the wine of the day before very well, I’ll never forget their hospitality, the impression, the atmosphere and the lovely taste of their wines.

I can tell you many more stories of our travels that will bring a smile on your face and maybe  she will share some of them with you if you join her on one of her tours. I wish you that experience!

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